Alexandria Old Town

Before going to New Hampshire, I was in Virginia.
On the weekend, I visited Alexandria Old Town.

There was a market.
I bought a lot of fruits!

Alexandria is very much pet friendly town.

Old cars match in the Old Town.

After visiting a National Inventors Hall of Fames Museum, I went to Hank’s Oyster Bar.

A set of six oysters. I couldn’t distinguish the difference.

But the bouillabaisse was really perfect!

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Autumn colors in Hanover

I had been in Hanover in New Hampshire, US, last month.

It was a good season to see beautiful autumn colors.

Dartmouth college is also beautiful.

I only enjoyed Halloween here.

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Sleeping dog

Can you imagine what is this?

Yes, it will be...

It must be...

Sleeping Lily!

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Rugby PV

Watching rugby public viewing with 4K live broadcasting at Hibiya Tokyo.

On the side there is a “mini zoo”.
So cute!

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Hanami season has started

It is we'll know that beginning of the April is a season of hanami.

Many people are enjoining eating and drinking under the cherry blossoms.

Yes, we do also!

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New kitchen knife

I bought a new kitchen knife.

The old one (upper in the picture) has been used for more than twenty years.
I sharpened it again and again but the sharpness of the new one is far good.
I like KAI brand.

I feel as if I become a better cooker! :-)

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Sleeping well

Lily is sleeping on her favorite bed with a special angle of her neck!

The other scene is this...

A happy moment.

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