Price of Ecology

I ordered to clean my feather futon.
It costs more than seven thousand yen,
almost near to buy a new one.

But I come to think that it is the normal cost.
In formar days, everyone must pay for cleaning
old cloths and wouldn't buy a new one.

Let's return to ecological life.

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New baby of my friend

Late on Dec. 28th,
a new baby boy of my friend was born.

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Printing New year's greeting cards

200 sheets.
It is our usual number of new year greeting cards.
It took almost a whole night just for printing.
Probably using a printing servise will be better on the next time.

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Today I should have a lot to do to clean the house.
But once my wife started to go shopping,
it continues until late night, in total eight hours!
Please, someone, help me.


Christmas eve

My wife bought a Champange and we had a Christmas eve at home.
I love to, but a little drunk too much. :-p


Uploading a photo file

Because I love taking


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From iPhone

This is written from iPhone.
I am using BlogPressLite.

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My first trial of English blog

This is what I first try to write a blog in English.

One of my goals is to try to do through iPhone, which I bought only 3 days ago.
One of another my goals is to practice my English.
So, when you find any mistake in my English, please tell me.

This article was written from PC.
Next time, I will try to do from iPhone.