Motomachi shopping

We went to Motomachi in Yokohama for shopping.

Lily bought her soft carrying bag at a dog goods shop.

I don't know but she seems to be happy with it?

She also met a new friend at the shop.

After the shopping, we went to Chinese town for dinner.

Some restaurants allow pet.

A wonderful day.

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Shin-Yokohama station

Probably this is 3rd or 4th time in this month to get Shinkansen on business...

This time I got from Shin-yokohama station.

It is a big station, and around this area, there are good facilities such as sports center and Nissan-stadium, etc.

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Hot spring?

Lily is enjoying hot spring in her house.

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Blue sky

Now I am laying down and looking up the sky.

It is open, wide, deep.
I should be like that.

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Listed 4th on google

One day I googled my blog page with the key words "Hiroshi blog iPhone", it was listed on the 4th!


Of course it depends on the day and at the same time it is because no other person use such a funny key words, but good feeling...

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Swimming at a outdoor pool

I went to an outdoor pool at Komazawa Olympic Memorial Park.

It's old but good enough to swim.

After the swim, we went for lunch to Oushou.

It is a famous family restaurant that provides good and inexpensive Gyoza.

We are lucky as the beer is also in the discount campaign.

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The dog days

It is in the middle of the highest temperature days in Japan.

We call it Doyou(the dog days).
Especially if it is a Ox day, we call the day Doyou-no-Ushi-no-hi, and most Japanese eat broiled eels as a custom.

This year, it is July 21st and August 2nd.

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Drunk too much

Yesterday we went to a local Izakaya(bar) which will be closed by this month.

Although I don't know if it would be because of the closing or not, there were almost no Otsumami(snack or foods with a drink) but only alcohol.

So, we soon moved to another drink bar.

Not only drinks but also foods in this restaurant are always very good.

Of course "pet welcome".

At last we went to the third bar.
At the bar, Lily was very popular to all. Everybody was friendly.

When we backed home, it was almost 3 am...

Too much drunk.

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Portable battery for iPhone

A portable battery for iPhone!

That's what I have been looking for.
I bought it at an electric shop with only less than ¥2000, but works very well.

The only point when you buy yours is to make sure if output current is 1A.
I think almost all equipments will work correctly if it says so.

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New bathroom scale

I bought a bathroom scale.

I replaced it from old one which I had used for almost 15 years.

It is new and has lots of functions such as measuring body inside fat rate.

Hey Lily, how was yours?

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Museum of Musical instruments

This is my third time to go Shizuoka on business.

This time I got an earlier Shinkansen, and looked around a Museum of Musical instruments at Hamamatsu station.

It was at the very end of the station, far about 10 minutes walk.
A moving sidewalk may help you go faster.

The museum needs an entrance fee of 400 yen. :-(

So This time I didn't enter the museum but went to a souvenior shop. I got a neckless for my wife.

After that I backed to the station by the time and joined with coworkers and went for lunch.

Hamamatsu plus hot summer equals to Unagi. Yeah!

The meeting continued until late at 8 pm.

We went for dinner before back to Tokyo.

Umm... "Gattsuri"(heavy foods).

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Wedding celebrating lunch

We celebrated our 14th wedding day.

We went for a lunch to a restaurant with Lily.

It's very hot day but fortunately this restaurant allows pet inside.

It also has a open terrace by the entrance.

The menu is also good.

Good lunch time.

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Two hours waiting for hair cut

I was forced to wait for hair cur for more than two hours.

You should not to go barber / hair salon just after the opening time nor before noon...

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Be wild

There is an interesting and important article in a newspaper. (sorry, Japanese only. )


The article says animals grown in a wild nature are more flexible to new circumstances than that in a zoo.

The reason is that wild animals have learned a lot in their life and, at the same time, know sociality and what to do in the society.

On the other hand, animals protected too much tend to caught in a panic when they meet new.

It is exactly the same in human beings.

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Summer has come!

Everyday we have hot summer days!

The temperature rises up more than 30 deg.
The sky is clear.
The indoor pool I usually use slides its roof and opens to air.

Only Lily seems not to be so happy?

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Drunk with coworkers


We went to a Yakitori Izakaya with coworkers of the new office. This was first time to drink with them.

We had chatted a lot and enjoyed Yakitori and draft beer very much.

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Three-day weekend

Busy days with important meetings are finishing.

This weekend is a three-day weekend!

What plan do you have?

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Money order

Last day I had to send a check in dollar to US.

I had a choice to make a check:

(1) Go bank
It seems to require a couple of days to make a check, and the fee will be ¥5000?, which is expensive.

(2) Go post office
If money order is acceptable, international postal money order is convenient, because there are many post offices around here, and the fee is ¥2000, which is less expensive than with banks.

Wm..., long way.

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Belgian chocolate

My friend gave me a Belgian chocolate.
He visited EU on business.

The taste was..., extra sweet.

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Beat the summer heat

On Sunday we went to a "Beat the summer heat" party held in friend's home.

There were many people gathering from various fields, such as research engineer, IT manager, medical doctor, and so on.

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Beer bar

I went to a Belgian beer bar with friends on Saturday.

There are so many beer, in total 130 kinds of bottles.

You can select from the refrigerator and pay at the counter.

You can also drink a draft beer.

We kept drinking for more than four hours.

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Run out of battery

When I tried to go out with my car, I suddenly recognized that the car was out of battery.

I asked a friend in the apartment house to connect the battery and started the engine.

I know the battery was already old, so I rushed into a car shop without stopping the engine to renew the battery.

I graded up the battery capacitor from 36 to 55.
I hope it works better.

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A Friend in a morning

This morning I got up early again.
During the walking, Lily met her friend.

Good morning!

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Shizuoka again

Today I am having a business trip to Shizuoka again.

This time I am going through Shinagawa station, which is my first try.

I hope I will find a better rooting.

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Got up early in the morning

Yesterday I finished work and back to home early.

Them fell asleep and got up early.

Good condition.

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Tanabata festival

In Japan we celebrate the Star Festival on the evening of July 7th, putting up bamboos decorated with poem cards and colored tapes. We call it Tanabata festival.

On the cards, we write down our prays.

This person wants to see a super hero, Ultraman Ace!

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Business trips

I tend to have many business trips these days.

This time was to Toyohashi.

It was a hot day and the work continued until late in the night.

Although it's tough but I preferred it, because those works outside the office are usually relatively different from my usual works.

Meanwhile, it is a good chance to know others works and/or to have a conversation/communication with them.

All those things sometimes tell me what should I do.

A beer after the work is also very good! (The main event of business trips?)

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Cooling mat

I bought a cooling mat.

The product's name "hie hie" comes from "cool" or "icy" in Japanese.

What I'm interested in is that it includes a jell that melts until 30 degrees and when over that, it turns to a liquid and keeps cool.

I'll test it in this summer.

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