Museum of Musical instruments

This is my third time to go Shizuoka on business.

This time I got an earlier Shinkansen, and looked around a Museum of Musical instruments at Hamamatsu station.

It was at the very end of the station, far about 10 minutes walk.
A moving sidewalk may help you go faster.

The museum needs an entrance fee of 400 yen. :-(

So This time I didn't enter the museum but went to a souvenior shop. I got a neckless for my wife.

After that I backed to the station by the time and joined with coworkers and went for lunch.

Hamamatsu plus hot summer equals to Unagi. Yeah!

The meeting continued until late at 8 pm.

We went for dinner before back to Tokyo.

Umm... "Gattsuri"(heavy foods).

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