Matsuyama day 2

Matsuyama is one of the retro cities where is famous as one of Japanese oldest spa town.

Meanwhile Matsuyama is the biggest city in Shikoku.

You can see old streetcars, which are rare in these days in Japan.

The photo below is a Bocchan train, which is a replica of the old train described in Natsume Soseki's famous Nobel.


In this afternoon, we both finished our important academic presentation at the conference, and had a good dinner.

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Matsuyama day 1

This week started from business trip to Matsuyama with a coworker.

For long time I haven't had a business domestic flight.

This is a coffee shop that an airport staff recommended us at Haneda.

At night we went for dinner to Daikokuya, where served a very good Udon noodles.

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Last Sunday in this summer

Today is the last holiday in August.

From next week I will have a business trip to Ehime.

And also I still have some homework like a school children, but any way, the summer season is ending.

Bye summer, hello autumn and,,, the rest of works of this fiscal year...

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I lack in flexibility.

I tend to think things on or off,
even though there may be something intermediate or third way to progress.

Meanwhile, I'm still childhood.

Far more long way I would have to walk to be an adult, for the rest of my life.

Ok, that the way I do.

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Over slept

Probably because I was deadly tired - and drunk a bottle of wine, I couldn't get up this morning.
I set a timer but got up two hours later.

When I was young I had lots of dreams every night. But I don't in these days.

But last night I had it.
In the dream, I don't know why but I attended an event like conference and then went to a sea to row a boat with new coworkers.

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Karuizawa resort trip day 3

We stayed at hotel Vald at the center of the Karuizawa yesterday. It's so comfortable.
The photo was a garden of the hotel.

On the third day,
We started from taking a short look at Manpei hotel, one of the most historical place in Kanazawa.

And then went Hoshino area.

Before return to Tokyo, we bought souvenirs at prince hotel outlet shopping mall, where we visited all three days!

Very Good holidays to us!

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Karuizawa resort trip day 2

We stayed at Tsumagoi on the firstday.

Next morning when we got up, there was a beautiful landscape from the window.

We took a walk with Lily

Then we went Shiraito fall.

It's so beautiful and the temperature was cool.

Then, we visited the lake garden.

A good resort area, where renewed 4 yeas ago.
We walked around the rose garden and enjoyed so many hours here.

Today's dinner was soba!

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Karuizawa resort trip day 1

We took 3 day off for wife's birthday and went Karuizawa, a famous place as a summer resort area.

On the first day, we drove from Tokyo.

The road was crowded and we arrived there in the evening.

Dinner was good.

And beer,

And wine...

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3D camera

My friend recommended a 3D camera application.

I tried with Lily.

How was it?

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Prepare for a vehicle inspection

This year I have to do my car inspection.

Today I asked the car dealer how much it will cost.

They checked my car and answered around ¥120,000, include taxes.


I asked them to repair least and save money.

Lots of tax, lots of cost.

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Premium juice

I believe it is not only me but many people tend to buy a premium goods.

This time, a "premium" pear juice.

Although I don't know what is premium!
And even the price is higher than other drinks.

The taste was ... Perfectly my favorite!

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Ramen restaurant

Not only outside but inside was too retro!

The taste was ... too bad. :-p

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Karate school

During on my way to go for a lunch, I found a brochure for a karate school.

I was playing karate for a year when I was an university student.

I took the brochure and read it.
It tells that they are one of the biggest karate group in Japan and the lesson is hard.
Besides, the entrance fee is 23,000 yen!

I prefer more soft and less expensive karate school...

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What a worst express way

This is the Tokyo metropolitan express way, Central Circular Route Yamate Tunnel between Route 3 (Shibuya Line) and Route 4 (Shinjuku Line).

It is only 4 kilometers but there was a heavy traffic jam. Heavy as we stopped the car, locked a side break, and could read a book!

It finally took ONE hour just to pass the tunnel.

You should never use this rout even when the traffic jam seems just a small.

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Long life

I keep guppy for many years.

This one(he) was born from his parents in this cage and lives very long, probably for years.

We have kept seeing him from his mother's pregnant and baby age. Now he may be more than 100 years old in human age.

We won't keep any more guppy if he die.
So I hope he will live longer and longer.
Longer forever, if possible.


Today we will visit our aunt in a hospital.

She has a cancer decease but I pray for her longer life.

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Hot summer again

It was Sunday afternoon, and hot summer again.

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Dry ice

Do you know what it is?

Something scary?

Do you like it?

No, I don't!

It's a dry ice to keep the iced cake cold.

Sigh... What an awful thing...

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I believe one of the best dessert in summer is a watermelon!

It's cold and juicy and sweet.

Lily enjoys it, too...

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How to capture screen on iPhone

I didn't know at all that iPhone could capture its screen image.

This is how to:
Just push the home button in the front side and the power switch on the top right at the same time.

Then the captured image is stored in a photo folder automatically.

That's all.

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Golden-ringed dragonfly

I found a dragonfly.

Unfortunately it was dead but looked like a golden-ringed dragonfly (Oniyanma tombo).

End of summer is comming.

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Ultra drinks

I found "ultra" drinks.

A masked rider's soda pop and an ultra man's cola!

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Upgrade a memory

I upgraded a memory in my wife's iBook G4.

I hope the PC works better though it's already old enough.

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Going Chez Bud 2


All the ingredients are ready.

All hand made original crepe home party!

All the participants are friends in Stanford.

From the room, you can see Tokyo Tower and Roppongi Mori building.

Hiroko brought her original fruit and now it's empty.

And I'm full...

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Going Chez Bud

Today we will have a crepe party at Chez Bud (Bud's home).

We took a train to Daikan-yama with Lily on a cart.

We will soon meet a lot of friends!

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Morning chat

It's 7 am in the morning and is already hot.

Lily met a friend Coo on her morning walk and enjoyed chatting.

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