Lecture talk

Today I had a lecture talk about how to man help woman in home (The lecturer call it "work-life balance").

But, the lecturer started reading her script in the talk.
For pages.
For hours.
And, what she talked was all I already have done for years.

Can you believe it?

What for was this lecturer coming?
Why do we all in the office have to come to hear your junk talk?

Finally she started talking how her son is good and going to a good high school.

I'm sorry but I'm not interested in your son.
Please, someone, get me out from here!

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Couldn't have a haircut

For my haircut, I usually go to the hair salon that the price is low but the place is far and no reservation is acceptable.

So I have go there by bicycle (15 min. ride!) and wait for a while.

Yesterday when I arrived, the salon was very crowded and I might have to wait more than an hour.

I gave up and went a bookstore instead and backed home.

... And this morning, again...

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Who are you?

It is sometime warm and sometime cold.
I think it's the spring.

I found a bird while I was taking a walk.

I'm sorry but I don't know its name.

I hope it's a bird of spring.

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Jindaiji Manju?

While walking around the Jindaiji, I bought manju.

This is one of them, kusamochi - a mugwort-flavored rice cake stuffed with sweetened bean paste.

It goes well with Japanese green tea.

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Jindaiji soba

Lunch time!

I can't wait it.
Let's go Jindaiji soba!

We went to Tamon restaurant.

Oh! I love soba so much.
I'm crazy about it!

And tempura!
Wow, full course.
How gorgeous!

Another recommendation of good soba restaurant in Jindaiji will be Yusui.
I will try next time.

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Jindaiji temple

We arrived Jindaiji temple.

This temple, of the Tendai sect, is famous for one of the oldest in Tokyo, following to Sensoji in Asakusa.

We first went to the main temple building to worship. I prayed for health and happiness of my family.

Then we walked the surrounding. It's like a time-slip to Edo-period.

Soba restaurant is also famous and there are lots of good restaurants.

This is the first/original soba restaurant there. Shimada-ya.

This area is also famous for Japanese popular ghost/monster manga/cartoon "Gegege no Kitaro", written by manga artist Shigeru Mizuki.

Especially after broadcasting TV drama "Gegege no nyoubo", an interesting story about his wife, this place is much popular as he lives here.

Can you see a house of the monsters on the top of the tree?

You should enjoy the Jindaiji !

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Nogawa river walk

On the next day I walked to Chofu Tokyo along Nogawa river.

After about 6 kilometers walk, I arrived at Chowa elementary school.
This school has a heated swimming pool and open to public.

I joined friends there.
After swimming about 1 kilometer, we started again to walk toward Jindaiji together.

On the way to Jindaiji, there is a brook.

Is it an origin of Nogawa river?
No. It's a spring farm of Metropolitan Agricultural High School.

Sometimes climbing a hill and...

In total about 9 kilometers walk.
I enjoyed it very much.

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Meguro river walk

After leaving the Gajoen, we went for a walk by Meguro river side.

We found interesting shops, Japanese bar, and/or restaurants there.

We went in one of the restaurants.

This restaurant, Huit, is good as it allows pet!

How good the river walk is...

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Meguro Gajoen

We went to Meguro Gajoen,

where is famous for wedding ceremony hall.

Hinamatsuri, the dolls' festival, was held there.

Tsuri-bina, like a hanging ornament, was also displayed.

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Apricot blossom

Japanese apricot blossom in Kinuta park is almost fully out now.

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Squid preserved in sake lees

This is a homemade Squid preserved in sake lees.

It suites best with Japanese sake!

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Button popped off

When I wore my pants, a button on the waist popped off.

I'm sure I am trying to diet, for example going swim on weekends, but it doesn't seem enough...

I fixed the button secretly... by myself...

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Ride on a snowball

There was a snowman in a park.

Lily rode on one of the snowballs.

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Cold morning in a park

It was a cold morning after the snow.

Water under a fountain was frozen.

Park was covered with snow.

And blue sky was coming.

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Happy Valentine's day

My wife gave me presents for St. Valentine's day.

Oh, my favorite, ganache!

And a mechanical pencil and pen case, that I wanted for my daily business use.

Thank you, I love you.

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Strawberry yoghurt

Strawberry - a smell of spring...

Strawberry yoghurt with mango sauce at home!

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Snow in Tokyo again

It was snow in Tokyo again and this morning it was white.

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Happy holiday

Today is Japanese National Foundation Day.

It is national holiday and I thanked it very much because... I was very tired this week.

The best way to spend at home.

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Snow in Tokyo

It was snow in Tokyo.

It was first time in Kanto area and slight, though it is heavy snow in many other area in japan.

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Exhibition was over

The exhibition that I had presented was over.

Good things were that some offered me to use my equipment, and/or I met lots of people whom I usually never meet.

Bad things were that It was cold, my legs were so much tired, and... when I backed my office, lots of works were waiting for me!

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I was late

I usually don't use train to go office.

But yesterday I took a ride to the exhibition place.

When I arrived at the station, trains were delayed by accident and... I was late.

I should leave home earlier next morning!

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Working on weekend

I worked on Sunday.

It was to exhibit my previous work to public, so I had to do everything by myself.

And the exhibition continues until this Tuesday.

Standing all day is a hardworking...

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New year's party at Nakameguro

We had a new year's party at Nakameguro.

A half of the attendee were the friends in Stanford days, and the other half were friends of the friends who we met first each other.

We chatted a lot ... Until the last train.

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Do you know mikan?
A Japanese orange.

This is the mikan that my uncle make in his tangerine grove in Tokushima and send to us every year.

I love eating mikan so much.

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Spring has come?

Today is rissyun, the start of spring.

For her, it is already spring...

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February 3 is setsubun, which means the eve of the first day of spring.

We Japanese throw beans inside and outside the home.

Inside for Fortune in, outside for devils out.

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Beginning of spring

In Japanese calendar, spring will begin from February 4.

When I walked around a park, I found an ume tree, a Japanese apricot tree, beginning to bloom.

Will be better season to walk.

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Beginning of February

In Japan, it is called daikan, which means the coldest period in winter.

You can see Mt. Fuji clearly from Tokyo in such cold days.

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