Praying mantis in a room

I found a praying mantis in the lobby of the apartment.

It looked like taking a rest tiredly in this cold.

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Steel pipe steps

The deck of our apartment was empty and the overall repair work has begun.

And they built steps by steel pipes.

I hear heavy noise every day!

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Lunch at Shin-yokohama

I took a seminar at Shin-Yokohama to learn about the latest LSI technology.

I arrived around noon and had a lunch before the seminar started.

Lunch with only 945 yen!
What a wonderful town.

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Warm in the bed

It is getting much cold these days.

Lily changed her bed for winter and now she is happy.

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This is the morning glow from my home.

A good start of the week.

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Waiting for her/his master

When we went for shopping to a grocery store, a dog was sitting in front of the store.

Many people passed there and said hello, but s/he was just waiting for her/his master.

Lily kept watching.

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Call sign is back

I had made the application of the renew (reopen) of my amateur radio license to Kanto Bureau of Telecommunications office, and finally it was accepted.

Now my former call sign was back, though I still not back to the air.

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A half of the last year!

The government forced all Japanese people to save energy by law, because of TEPCO's nuclear accident.

I tried to, and succeeded to.

This is the receipt that showed my electric power consumption of last month was a half of that of in last year.

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1000 pictures in picasa

While uploading pictures to my blog, it suddenly showed an error and stopped uploading.

It was because the picture files were full.

I'm using blogger for my blog, and the blogger uses picasa for the picture link.

Picasa allows up to 1000 pictures per folder, and I reached the limit.

I was confused a little but found another way to continue to use blogger and picasa.

It is just to set the picture link of the blogger to another folder in picasa. Then you can use 1000 more pictures.

Incidentally, I didn't imagine I had uploaded 1000 pictures for less than two years!

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Hotel Chinzanso 3 of 3

At night we drunk in the room.

For dinner I ordered a room service, which is first time in my life.

It was sooooo gorgeous.

The hotel's hospitality is perfect.
This is another restaurant in the hotel. They made a small stream in front of the restaurant.

In the restroom, they put a gold color hotel name seal with their pride!

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Hotel Chinzanso 2 of 3

We had a lunch at bistro in the hotel.

It's a salmon. So good.

The restaurant surprisingly prepared a wonderful birthday cake for me!

They took our picture and present me with a nice card.
I was very much impressed.

Can you see why the ice block is black?

It is because you can enjoy the iced coffee until end without being weakened!

A good hospitality.

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Hotel Chinzanso 1 of 3

My birthday has already passed but we stayed at Four Seasons Hotel Chinzan-so for the celebration.

The hotel is placed in the middle of Tokyo and has a very nice garden.

There are fall and three-storied pagoda and many other things.

Lily is ok but ... The road was a little too rough for her ride?

A god of laugh (Hotei) and he brings peace and happiness.

A five-hundred years old chinquapin tree!

Chinzan-so is also famous for one of the best wedding hall.
Many people who attended wedding ceremony were enjoy walking the garden.

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Summer festival in Shibuya

When I was walking at Shibuya, I happened to see a summer festival in the center of Shibuya.

Many people were carrying a portable shrine.

It looks fun!

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RGB meeting

Today I had an RGB meeting at Shibuya.

Probably no one can understand what is the RGB meeting.

It is a meeting to gather and drink a beer with friends in Stanford era.

This time the meeting was held at craftheads in Shibuya.

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Blue sky

It is fine and the sky is blue.

Summer is back again.

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Cleaned the deck

As I said before, our apartment house has started the overall repair work and we have to clear the deck.

I managed to clear it, except for a small pot plant.

In Tokyo we have to pay to take out a refuse.

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Finished tooth treatment

I finally finished my treatment of the decayed tooth.

It took for almost 4 months.

I will care more of my teeth from now... with Lily.

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Present for Lily

Miyuki's friend gave a present for Lily.

A small rabit toy for dog.

This makes a sound when she bites.

She loves it very much.
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Full moon

It is full moon today.

It is called chusyu-no-meigetsu, which means most beautiful moon in the middle of fall.

In Japan we eat tsukimi-dango and enjoy watching the moon.

The photo is not the tsukimi-dango actually, but a sweet potato dango shaped cute rabit.

It was so good.

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Odaiba walking

At the cafe bills, I joined my wife and her friend from Kanazawa, then went for a walk in Odaiba.

Wow, it's a "cat bus" in Totoro animation by Hayao Miyazaki.

So big!

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Odaiba from the morning

On saturday I went to Odaiba from the morning.

It's "cafe bills", which is famous for the breakfast.

From the seat it looks like this.

Many people, family, couples, are coming.

I ordered fruits.

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Lily couldn't wait

Today my wife went out with her friend.

But Lily couldn't wait for her and went to the entrance.

She was keep waiting but finally she fell asleep...

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