Recovered from the flu.

Finally I recovered from the influenza!

Day 1:
It started on February 19th.

I felt a little fever in the morning, but the fever suddenly rose up very high in the noon.

I though it was not the flu. but just a cold.

As it was on Sunday, I just took a medicine(all-in-one) and went bed.

Day 2:
On 20th, as the high fever continued, I went a hospital.

The doctor said I was caught by the flu type A, and gave me a medicine(Tamiflu).

The high fever continued the whole day.

Day 3:
The fever gradually went down.

Day 4:
The body temperature backed to the normal.

But the doctor said I can't go to work for two more days because the influenza virus usually lives two days even after the fever goes down.

Day 5:
I can eat well, take a bath, read and write without headache.

Now I'm perfectly recovered!

I will back to work from tomorrow.

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