Brain MRI

I visited a doctor to check my brain MRI picture.

I took it last year but some small dots were seen on the picture.

The doctor said there is no problem.
My brain is not younger but not older and just as it is. :-p

The doctor is Shuzo Sato and is famous for brain surgery.

He studied in San Francisco.

This is Thanh Jong, where he went frequently.

By chance I visited the same restaurant when I was living in U.S.

Oh I miss my San Francisco days...

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Shiroyama garden tower

I visited my friend's office at Shiroyama garden tower.

The building is in the center of executive business area.

After that we went to an eel restaurant.

I shot this before we left the restaurantThe Tokyo tower was light up.

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Sleeping Lily

This morning when I woke up, lily was sleeping with her favorite stuffed toy.

Zzz... I'm happy...

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Waiting for haircut

I'm having a haircut but the salon is full.

I made a reservation and am waiting until the time at a cafe nearby.

Good waiting time!

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I went to an aquarium in Osaka.

It was almost twenty years after I first visit here.

Oh, Ocean sunfish!
My favorite!

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Visiting Kanazawa

On the next day we went to Kanazawa.

In front of the Kanazawa station, there is a strange object.

Omicho is one of the most famous place to visit in Kanazawa.

We had a very good lunch in the Omicho market place.

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Wedding ceremony

On June 9th, I attended the wedding ceremony of my nephew.

... This the only picture I have in my iPhone.

Others were taken by Nikon DSC.

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Dinner time

The dinner was good.

Wow, full course!?

This Japanese sake was a present from the hotel.

This is soba maki, a roll of soba instead of rise.

How interesting!

A singer was playing guitar at the lobby in the night.

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Yakata bune

We rode on a yakata bune, a roofed pleasure boat.

Two old people drove the boat.

Passengers were we two and other four people.

We saw a big fountain and enjoyed the "cruise".

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Welcome manju

We arrived at Kasuikyo hotel in Katayamazu onsen.

They served welcome drink (green tea) and manju.

Both were good.

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Going Komatsu

I flew from Haneda to Komatsu in Ishikawa to attend a wedding party of my nephew in low.

(At Haneda airport)

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Broken sneakers

I had wore these sneakers for yeas.

And finally it was broken suddenly.

Good bye sneakers.
Thanks for the long walk with me.

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