Nippon sports science university

By chance I run by a university in Setagata Tokyo by bicycle.

The name is Nippon sports science university, we call it Nittaidai in short.

This university is unique and for sports.

Many Olympic medalist candidates are listed on the wall.

Go Japan!

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Komazawa pool was closed

It is very hot summer day in Japan.

The pool near my house was temporally closed, so I tried to go another pool.

But, when I went to a pool in Komazawa park, the pool was also closed.

I didn't recognize but the pool was already closed last year and won't renew again!

I was so disappointed.

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Upgrade to iOS 5

At last I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 5.

I use iPhone 3GS and have been using iOS 4.

That was enough for me.

I don't know what is good with the new iOS, but after upgraded, my iPhone just works slow. :-(

I use app "BlogPressLite" for my blog but it also doesn't work any more on the new iOS.

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I'm recovered from cold

I'm recovered from cold and the fever went down.

Lily cheers me up.

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High fever

I have had a high fever from two days ago.

The temperature went up over 39 degrees, which is usually around 36.0.

I took medicine and now am getting well gradually.

It's also good that today is weekend and the office is off.

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Waseda University

I had a meeting at Waseda University.

Probably after more than 25 years after I first visited this university.

Unfortunately I could see nothing in the night...

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Kiwi cocktail

A kiwi cocktail!

It shines gold and tastes good.
My favorite these days.

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Lily wearing hat

This is a hat for dog.
Lily tried it in a shop.

Looks so cute!

But sorry, just fitting...

Do you like it?

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Walking in the summer morning

It was six o'clock in the morning and already hot.

Rainy and summer season in Tokyo Japan.

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Open air dinner

Last weekend I went to a restaurant with my wife.

This restaurant has inside and outside tables and we can eat dinner with my dog Lily when outside tables.

We felt this is a kind of miniature picnic.

Of course the foods are all good.

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Electric car

There is a Nissan show room in Ginza.
Of course it's free to enter.

When I visited there, Leaf, a fully electric car, and Skyline GT-R, a legend sports car, were displayed.

This is the Leaf.

The electric charge time is only 30 minutes if you use a recharge station.
It will be 8 hours if in the home.

The other function of this car is that this car can fully cover whole home electricity for 2 days when the electric power line stops!

A future has come.

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Shinobazunoike pond

(continued from the Yushima Tenjin shrine)

There is Shinobazunoike pond near the Yushima Tenjin shrine.

It is large and many people enjoy walking along the pond.

Couples can also enjoy riding boats.

In summer it is cool and good to visit not only for Japanese but also for foreigners.

In the middle of the pond, there is Bentendo.

A beautiful red house.

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Pray for entrance examination

As I said before, Yushima tenjin shrine is famous for God of Learning.

I bought charms for Miyuki's two nieces, Kanna and Yuna.

One of the charms is a paper charm which can be put on a desk or brought with.

The other is a hachimaki, a headband, which will fire them up! :-p

Go, Kanna and Yuna!
Success with your exams!

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Crepe party in tanabata

Today is tanabata in Japan.
Most Japanese pray for their wishes.

But we had a crepe party instead at Bud's home.

It is called "hana yori dango", - eating food is better than seeing beautiful flowers -

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Going Hamamatsu

I went to Hamamatsu on my outside work.

At lunch I went to a ramen restaurant.

The price was very reasonable and the taste was good, too.

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Yushima tenjin shrine

I visited Yushima Tenjin shrine in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

It is famous for God of Learning.

Many people come and pray for their success on their examinations.

People write their wishes and names on wooden tablets called Ema.

Good luck!

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I went to Hooters in Ginza with my friend.

When we arrived at 7pm, there was a long line.

Girls in the bar sometimes danced, and some customer people did together.

Wow, very American.

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Cotton rose

This is a cotton rose flower.

It blooms every morning and withers in the evening.

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Lily got tired

Lily got tired.

Sticking her tongue out!?

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Vaccine shot

Lily had a vaccine shot.

She always dislike to go to vet.

Don't worry Lily, you are safe now!

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