Lily in a VET

Lily has a bad teeth and went to a VET.

She needs a scaling next week.



Gongon popo

It's a restaurant's name.
The restaurant is a casual Chinese.

The logo of the brand is interesting.


Kaisen donburi

A rice served in a bowl with sashimi on it.

Kaisen means fresh sea food.
Donburi or in short "don" is a rice bowl.

A popular menu at Omicho-ichiba market in Kanazawa.



This is one of my favorite brand of Japanese sake in Kanazawa.

Tengu is an imaginary red-faced human figure. Mai means dance.
That is, a dancing Tengu.


Kanazawa in a fall

The color of leaves are turning to red and yellow.

At the Kanazawa station, from Miyako hotel.


Falling snow?

Is it a snow in a building?

Of course not.
It's an illumination in the big bird (Haneda airport)

Xmas tree in haneda airport

What a beautiful and giant christmas tree!

It is built at a lounge in Haneda airport, a big bird.