Vote in general election

I voted in general election and Tokyo governor.

When I arrived at the poll, many people was standing on a line. It's first time to see such a long line.

Extraction teeth

Lily went to VET for a medical care of bad teeth.

She had operation and two bad teeth were extracted.

She got very tired because she needed a general anesthesia.


China town again

At the Yohohama marathon party my wife couldn't attend the party as she also caught a cold on these days.

On the next Saturday, her very old friend was coming to Yokohama to attend her nephew's wedding ceremony from Toyama prefecture, so we went to see her to Yokohama.

After meeting her, I went to the china town again with my wife.

Now she could enjoy the Chinese foods.

Hamamatsu gyoza

I had a business trip to Hamamatsu.
After the work we went to a famous Hamamatsu gyoza restaurant Mutsugiku.

Sorry, no photo of the gyoza but an Origami paper craft I found in the restaurant.

Yokohama marathon and a party

There was a Yokohama marathon.
We planed to run together with friends in Stanford era.

But I gave up on the day because of my heavy cold. Others run and finished.

After the marathon we went to china town and had an year end party.

Frozen beer

One of the famous drink menu of the restaurant is the frozen beer.

Yes, it was true that the hop on the top was really frozen but bitter!

High school alumni party

I had a high school alumni party at Yokohama.

It was extremely good night view from the restaurant.


Christmas tree in Yokohama

There was a Christmas tree In front of Yokohama Sogo.
How tall?


Still red leaves

It's winter but there are still colored leaves in Tokyo.

Christmas season

Christmas season is coming.


Flying over cloud

It was heavy rain on the ground but was clear over the sky.

Flight back from Kanazawa to Tokyo.


Rural landscape in Komatsu

A rural landscape in Komatsu, a near city from Kanazawa.

Lunch at Hakuchoro hotel

We had a lunch at the Hakuchoro Hotel in Kanazawa.

It has a nice garden in it.

View of Kanazawa city from sky hotel

It is a good vies of Kanazawa city from the Kanazawa Sky Hotel.

Koubako crab

It is a crab called Koubako, which is very special in Kanazawa.

It goes with Japanese sake very much.

Izakaya in Kanazawa

We went to izakaya Yumeri in Kanazawa.

Good japanese style food and drink.