Hulu started its service in Japan.
Hulu is an on-demand video streaming company.

It's good because they have a lot of america drama contents with Japanese subtitles.

I contracted and my wife watches it all day.

As a technology I am interested in the way to be useable/switchable with any watching devices such as TV, PC, iPad, iPhone, etc. When you pause the video during the watch, you can start/continue it from that point/moment with another device. Convenient.

Another point is the video compression quality. I use ADSL in my home and the line is very slow but I can watch the video on TV. I can't believe it because most of other streaming services need more video rate.


Happy Lily

Miyuki took Pictures of Lily's happy life.


Gorgeous dinner

Miyuki's friend in Fukuoka sent us gourgeous foods.

Raw fish, Karashi Mentai - a hot tasted fish egg, etc.

Miyuki made a fish ball with mashed fish meet.


Special lunch

My wife made a special lunch for Lily.

"What a happy dog?"
"Grrrr, I can't wait!"


Letter from California

My friend backed to California on his job last month.

And now he enjoys Californian life.

I eager to!



This was a lunch Miyuki ate at a sushi restaurant.

Topping is the GOLD!!

Wasn't it gorgeous?


Shinkansen with Lily

We went to Kanazawa with Lily.

Lily was put into a carry cart for about six hours!

Poor Lily!


Went to Kanazawa to visit father-in-law

Last weekend we went to Kanazawa to visit Miyuki's father in the hospital.

He is now in sick and has been staying in the hospital from last year.

It was only one day stay and so busy but good to see him.


Painted Shinkansen

The other Shinkansen was painted.

It looks fun.


Kissing Shinkansen

Shinkansen is kissing!

At Joetsu Shinkansen Echigoyuzawa station.


Lily in a snow

Lily in the snow.

She wears a down jacket.
Actually she doesn't like snow...


My. Fuji in the morning

This is mt. Fuji this morning.
It is almost zero degree Celcium in Tokyo.


Jasmine tea

Our friend gave us a wonderful Chinese tea, an american amaranth.

It grows up in the hot water like a real flower.

It was simple and enjoyable.


Heavy snow

It was heavy snow in Tokyo.


Fish mask

It's a fish mask.
I bought it for a party last year.

How is it?


Happy new year from Lily

New year's greeting from Lily, our sweet dog.


Reading newspaper

I usually don't read newspaper but just check news on the website.

But every year I read them only during the new years holiday.

It is fun to read several papers at a time because we can know their journalism or edit policy, and can check what newspaper tells the truth.

Present from my family

My sister and her family gave me lots of presents from US.

They were mixture of the Christmas and the new year.

I'm very happy anyhow!

Going to shrine

It is Japanese important habit to go shrine on the beginning of the new year.

This year all my families are coming to my mom's house from overseas.

Good to see ya!

New frying pan

I renewed a frying pan.

The old one (left) has been used for years and the bottom is warped and the handle is loosen.

The new one (right) is thick but light.

The other picture is what I first cooked with this new pan.
A ginger pork with vegetables.

Happy new year

Happy new year 2013!
I wish you all are happy.

In Kanazawa, where is Miyuki's birthplace, we have manju named Fukuume.

Their colors are red and white, which mean good luck.

Paste of sweeten beans is inside.