Tohoku University

Tohoku University!
My longing!

Many excellent researches started here, such as
antenna, optics, and so on...


In the precincts of Zuihoden shrine

In the precincts of Zuihoden shrine, there are Japanese cedar trees that are over 350 years old!

Steps to and from the shrine are very steep.



I visited zuihoden, a comb of Datemasamune, a Japanese historical samurai.

Outlook was very colorful.


Beef tongue

At Sendai I ate beef tongue.


Hayabusa Tohoku Shinkansen

I went to Sendai, Miyagi.

On my return to Tokyo,
I first time rode on a Hayabusa Tohoku Shinkansen.

It runs at 300km/h!
So fast and so smooth.


Local train

This is a local train in Tokyo.
It is Tokyu-Setagaya line which connects between Sankenchaya and Shimotakaido.

It runs close to houses.


Cold days in Tokyo

It is almost end of February bur very cold in Tokyo.

The temperature is sometimes around zero degree centigrade and it snows.


Renew air cleaner and humidifier

I bought an air cleaner and humidifier yesterday.

I already have two but my wife wanted one each room and a new one.

Now I think our house is the second best clean after the clean room.


Soba noodle party

I went to a soba noodle party at Tamon in Jindaiji.

Every year in the February we have the party, and this year there were 20 attendees.


New earphone

I bought a new earphone for iPhone.
This is my first time to buy an earphone more than 1000 yen.

Actually I was crazy about sound quality when I was young.
For example, I visited so many sound rooms to check their audio systems and I could distinguish very slight differences between not only speakers but also amplifiers, CD players, or sometimes needles of record players.

Now I just enjoy the sound.



Oh happy, how happy :-)


Saint Valentine's Day

Today is the saint valentines day.

I have chocolates from friends.

My wife cooked a heart-shaped hamburger for me.

Thank you for lots of love!

Blue sky in Tokyo

Last Sunday Miyuki was back from Kanazawa.
I went to Haneda Tokyo airport to pick her up.

The sky was so blue.



My father in law was died of old age yesterday.

He died of natural resources and the face was calm and smiling.

I reminded a lot of memories such as drinking sake and talking old stories.