Happy hour

After we finished the medical checkup, we found a signboard telling "happy hour"!

Wow, it's happy, isn't it?
We rushed into this bar twice, before and after the dinner!


Medical checkup

We went into a hospital for a complete medical checkup.

But the main event was to enjoy staying in a hotel.
This hospital ties up with the Royal park hotel Yokohama.
It is in the landmark tower.
The landscape was so good, both day and night!


Lunch in Hamamatsu

I had a work in Hamamatsu yesterday.

I took a ride on Shinkansen in the morning and arrived at Hamamatsu station a little earlier than usual.

So I had a lunch there.
It looked gorgeous but was only 990 yen.


Chewing tooth gum

We bought a tooth gum (?) for Lily.

When she chew it, it will help to clean the teeth.

Besides, it is very tasty!
I love it, yam...


Hachiko bus

There was a bus which a hachiko character was painted.

Hachiko is a dog's name and is very famous in Japan as a historical loyal dog.
Hachiko is a symbol of Shibuya.

How cute the paws are!


Wearing cap

It is a little cold and Lily wears a cap to see cherry blossoms.

How does it look?



Now cherry trees are full bloom in Tokyo.

People gather to park and enjoy watching flowers, eating and drinking.


Renew to iPhone 5

I renewed my iPhone from 3GS to iPhone 5.

I have used my iPhone 3GS for more than 3 years.
I love the design and it fits to my palm very much.
It was beautiful and elegant.

But the speed became too slow.
For example, when I take a picture, I sometimes have to wait for 3seconds!

Now I got a state-of-art technologies again.



I was awarded a president's award in the company.

I attended a ceremony with my wife.
I enjoyed it very much.


First cherry blossom

This year cherry blooms very fast.

The full blossom will come so soon in Tokyo.


New house

I visited my friend's new house yesterday.

It was a condominium very close from Sagami-ono station.

Gorgeous, convenient, and good sceneries.


Hijiki cookings

Theses are hijiki dishes that Miyuki cooked.

Various kind of foods she made!


Hijiki gohan

This is a hijiki gohan, a rice mixed with brown algae.

Hijiki, a brown algae, is good for your stomach.

Lily also loves it!



What's this?

It's "Ago".

Then what's "Ago"?

Usually "Ago" in Japanese means jowl.
But this is not.
This is a flying fish.
People in Kyushu call it Ago.

This is a dried Ago.
Our friend Chicchi made them by herself.

How deft she is!


Dog dental again

Lily went to the dental clinic again.
She had a scaling!

She will have it once again the week after next, and will finish all dental care this time.


Lunch at Chinese restaurant

Last weekend we had a lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Takashimaya department store.

A calm warm noon.


Duck in a street

I found a duck in a street.
It is an animal school and ducks are playing in the gate.

It was a sudden appear when I was driving in a downtown, and I was a little confused!


Spring has come to Tokyo

This is ume, a Japanese apricot tree.
A symbol of early spring.

Temperature is getting warm.


Lily's cloths and a friend

These are another presents for Lily.

Two new cloths and a stuffed rabbit friend.

She had a rabbit but old, then it was renewed.


Birthday present

We bought a birthday present for Lily.

A new bed!

Do you like it?
Yes, I do!


Dog dental clinic

Lily extracted two teeth last year.

After two month I found a wobbly tooth.
My wife googled a VET to check her teeth.
And she found it.

This is my first time to see a dental clinic for DOG!


Happy birthday 2

Miyuki made a birthday plate for Lily.

Lily can't wait!

Happy birthday Lily

Happy birthday, Lily!

You are 10 years old.
Hope happiest days!