Miyuki made a photo collage of Lily.

Uhohoi means the way Lily expresses her delight!


Got well

Lilly's leg hurt is getting better.

Good for you!

Present is a face massage from mom!

More books

I bought three more books.

They are used books and cost only one dollar each.

Three dollars are good enough than to buy one bottle beer!


Read a book

I read a book from Jiro Asada.

It might be after several years when I last read a novel.

I had been so busy and had no time to read a book, but by chance I found an essay in the magazine "JAL skyward".

I love his style, especially he is good at describing human feelings.

It's good to read, and I think it's a good chance to start reading books again as I used to be when childhood.


Fringed iris

Fringed iris are full broom at Kinuta park.

This flower, iris japonica, is called Shaga in Japanese.

I saw them a lot in the house garden when childhood.


Lilly's leg hurt

Lily has a hurt on her leg finger.
She also has a diarrhea.

From morning we were busy to bring her to VET.
Poor Lily!


Tulip garden

There is a tulip garden in Kinuta park.

It's very small but trimmed carefully by volunteer people, and the flower opens beautifully every year.


Carp streamers for children's day

It is carp-shaped streamers.

We flow them until May 5th - A children's day - to celebrate and pray for Children's growing.


Green has come to Japan

When I returned to Japan, I found trees and grasses has turned green.

It's a rainy season and it prepares for early summer coming.


Present for Lily

I bought a present for Lily.

She likes it very much.
Sometime too much love it...


The prime rib

Yes, it's The prime rib!


Las Vegas in daytime

And some photos taken in a daytime.


Las Vegas

Yes, it's Las Vega!

(All taken by my iPhone)


Premium economy

When flew to US, the airline company upgraded me to a premium seat because of full booking.

How lucky I was!

The seat was great and also the foods and drinks were so good!


I'm back

I just back from my trip to US.
I will tell more story about it from tomorrow.

First thing to do is back to home and to get a good rest.


Flying to US

I'm going to fly to Las Vegas California.

10 days business trip.


Hanami with Lily

We went for a walk and enjoyed hanami with Lily.

Wow, full bloom!