Morning at Tully's

It is fine day.
Sky is clear and temperature is cool.

We went for a walk and had a morning at Tully's coffee.
Yes, how long we haven't drunk this coffee although we love it!

Lily was interested in the morning set.

After the breakfast, we continue to walk along azalea flowers.


Thanks Mother's Day

The second Sunday in May is the Mother's Day.
We gift a flower to mother.

This picture is Carnation flower that was displayed in a shopping department.


Designed photo of Lily

Miyuki created designed photos of Lily.

They are not real objects but photo design.

Good job!


Collage of weekend memory

Miyuki created a collage of the golden weekend holiday.

We went for a walk every afternoon, bringing with drinks and foods, and spent a relaxing time.


Bird watching

There is a place for bird watching in the park.

People say you sometimes can watch rare birds but I never have.

Lily seems rather fear of birds...


Rose garden

There is a rose garden in the park.

When I came here on the first day, it was only a bud, but after a couple of days, they are full bloom.


Long weekend

In Japan we have a long weekend in early May.
We call it "golden week" and many people enjoy that long vacation.

I went for a walk to Kinuta park with wife and dog Lily.

My wife have had a bad cough for long time, but the weather was calm and comfortable, and it was good for the short walk.

Lily is also almost recovered from her leg hurt and stomachache.

Everyone enjoy the weekend.