Kanazawa university

I went to Kanazawa university to attend an academic conference.

This was my first time to visit this new building.

The campus is vast and inside is open.

The restaurant is also beautiful and the view is perfect.


Ninja Kawasaki

I visited my wife's father's tomb. Her cousin was coming with his new bike, ninja.

He drives very slowly.
Are you ok?


Wedding ceremony

On the next day, I went another hotel to have a lunch.

In the garden of the hotel, there was a new wedding couple.

I can see a beautiful kimono in the hotel lobby.


Hotel view

I stayed at Kanazawa hakuchoro hotel, which is close to Kanazawa castle.

From the room window, I can see a part of them.
(But the forest was too deep!)

The hotel lobby was beautiful.



After the dinner, there was a firefly watching tour.

Firefly, a lighting bug, was common in ancient Japan.
But nowadays it is rare to see then in downtown.

I tried to take photos of them but was very difficult.
Because the firefly can only lives in a dark stream.

People in Kanazawa try to turn off the lights in this area and to provide a better living environment.


Dinner in Kanazawa

In the night I went to a Japanese restaurant in Kanazawa.

First I started with Sake.
I ordered "kikizake" set, which has three different brands.

Menu was written on a washi, Japanese paper.

Shape of the boiling pot was like a stone lantern.

The same design was seen on the back side of a miso soup bowl top.

The main dish was wagyu, Japanese beef!


Beer at Haneda airport

After checking in at the Haneda airport, I went to a restaurant.

I had been too busy for months, especially I had only a few holidays last month.

Beer at lunch!
What a big present for me.


Tokyo monorail

Before I start the long story about the Kanazawa trip, I will start from the way to Haneda airport.

This time I used Tokyo monorail to go Haneda airport, because the transportation from JR lines is easier than to use Keikyu line.

Especially at the Shinagawa station, there are many steps and it is difficult to carry a heavy suitcase.
On the other hand, transportation to monorail at Hamamatsucho station was easier.

Anyhow, I enjoyed the beautiful scenes from the sky!


Kanazawa trip

I went to Kanazawa last week.

A half on business, and a half, private. :-)

During the trip, I took lots of pictures.
I will show some on this blog using days.

Let me start the clear beautiful sky on the plain and a symbol of Kanazawa station.


Shinkansen green car

It might be my first time to use a green car (first class car) for Shinkansen.

I use an IC express card to take Shinkansen.
Every time I use the card, they give me a green point.
And when I save the point, I can use it for green sheet.

I usually give up the green point because of the expiration.

But this year I saved lots point and I used them.

The seat was gorgeous and comfortable!


Cheese cake

I love cheese cake.

Our friend Mari brought a cheese cake for us.

Oh, maxim's!
How sweet...


Lily in VET

Lily again had a diarrhea.

We brought her to the Nagaiki-byoin VET and she got shots for a blood test and a drip.

Poor Lily!


Lunch at Waseda

I went to Waseda University at Takadanobaba yesterday.

At the lunch time we walked around the university.

There are small shrine, Gakusyuin school for girls, and so on.

We ate ramen noodle at Ippudo.