Toilet seat renewed

The toilet seat was broken.

The water was leaked from the water tank.
I used a bucket but soon it was filled.

I was thinking to repair it by myself but it was too old (I had used it for 14 years!) and there was no repair parts.

Then I bought a new one.

The new seat has no water tank so that I don't have to worry about the water leak any more.

It also has a remote controller.

And, this new toilet seat opens its cover automatically.

I feel as if it welcomes me!


Fireworks at Hachioji

I went to Hachioji, a west part of Tokyo, to see a fireworks.

It started on time, but just after stated, it rained soon.

That's ok, we enjoyed the fireworks enough.


Night view at Hamamatsu

On Friday I went to Hamamatsu on business.

After the meeting we had a party at a restaurant in a hotel.

The night view of Hamamatsu was very beautiful.


Pappa Niño

Finally we went to a cafe in Hayama.
The name is Pappa Niño.

This cafe was perfect for us.
It is calm, gentle, and relaxing.
(The owner is a famous former head coach of Japanese international team. )
AND they allow pet!!

The place was far from the Hayama bay and it was difficult to find the shop for the first time.

But once you arrive here, you can feel and enjoy both the seashore and mountain.
You can take your time, get back yourself, and enjoy an perfect iced coffee.

I also ordered a chocolate cheese cake.
My wife ordered another cake.

The sky was blue and clean.

Mmm... It is the Happiness...



After the lunch we drove again toward Hayama.

On the way to Hayama, there is a Enoshima line by the Sagami bay.

Enoshima dentetsu, Enoden, is famous for local train which run very close by houses.


Going Enoshima

After leaving Kamakura, we drove to Enoshima.

At Enoshima, we had a lunch at Garb.
This restaurant is very good because they allow pet in a terrace seat.

The landscape from the terrace was perfectly good.

A very old fashioned car was running on the road.


Going kamakura

After the Lily's VET, we drove to kamakura.

Tsuruoka-hachimangu is the most famous shrine in kamakura.
A guardian god of samurai.
There is a long approach from the shrine to Yuigahama beach.

People were enjoying riding a ricksha.


Lily's Dental clinic again

Lily went to her dental clinic after 3 months again.

This is a scheduled dental check.
This is our first time to go in a day time,
so the other vet doctor checked her.
This female doctor checked Lily very carefully. Tnx!

And Lily stayed calm. Good job!


Lunch at Den

We had a lunch at Den in Komazawa for our wedding anniversary.

This Japanese restaurant is in a site for a temple.
The most important thing is that Lily is allowed to come in the restaurant, so we can enjoy lunch and dinner all together.

We ordered a soba noodle lunch course.
I love soba, and we enjoyed the lunch very much.



This is my most favorite sake in this world.

The Tengumai jun-mai dai-ginjo!

Tengumai is the brand name.
Jun-mai means it is made from pure rice.
Ginjo means the rice was polished until less than 60%.
Dai-ginjo means the highest quality and the rice was polished until less than 50%.
That means only a half of the whole rice body could be used to brew the sake.
How gorgeous!

This sake is very expensive and I can rarely drink it. :-p


I love puff

Lily got a present from a friend.

A puff with boo!

I love it!

Thank you!