Going Oita

I went to Oita in Kyusyu on business. 

Oita is famous for good spas and fish foods. 

Unfortunately I didn't have a time to go spa, but I could enjoy the very fresh squid and rich and tender mackerel (and of coerce mugi-shochu sake), all were extremely good!


Fireworks at Tamagawa

When we were taking a walk with Lily, a sound of fireworks suddenly started. 

Then we went to a place to see the fireworks better. 

Many people had already come there. 

We enjoyed very much. 


Meeting friends at Shimokitazawa

We met Chicchi and Riku, one of the best friend couple at Stanford era, at Shimokitazawa.

They came from Kyusyu.
We walked around the Shimokitazawa.
She said it was after 20 years after she last visited there!

We had a dinner at Marusan with Lily.
They allow pet.

We enjoyed eating, drinking and chatting for hours.
What a wonderful time!

Lily was also delightful because she got lots of present from them.


Green park

This is a picture in the Kinuta park.

It is very green and beautiful.

One of the best season in the year.


Recording dinner menu

An industrial doctor of my office ordered me to record all the food menu because the result of my blood test was bad.

A nurse taught me that just taking a picture is also an easier way to record.

This picture is one example of a dinner.
Umm, I understand I eat too much...