Lily wants to come with me

I will have a business trip to US for 10 days. 

Lily recognizes what will happen and she always sticks close to me. 

Tears, I also don't want to be separated so long!

Gyoza at Hamamatsu

I went to Hamamatsu for meeting. 

After the work we went to a gyoza restaurant for dinner. 

Hamamatsu is famous for gyoza. 


After the lunch

After the lunch at the park, Lily walked all the way to home. 

She usually doesn't walk so long and she was very tired. 

When arrived home, she soon slept with her head on a pillow. 

Hey Lily, it's not a pillow but your friend!


Lunch at park

We had a lunch with champagne at a park. 

Beautiful color!


Tokyo tower

I went to Tokyo Tower to attend a meeting. 

I always feel it is the most beautiful television tower in the world.