Christmas season

At Futako-Tamagawa. 

With Lily. 


Sun rise

It is getting cold theses days. 
I saw clear sun rise this morning. 

Good Sunday morning. 


Lighting up in Tokyo

I went Tokyo station. 

Trees in the town are lighting up and it is already in the Christmas mood.


I bought crabs for souvenir. 

This crab is called Matsuba crab in Tottori but the same crab is called Echizen crab in Fukui (and the price also rises up...)

Anyway, the crab meat was very good and it goes with Japanese sake very well.

What a gorgeous dinner!



Echizen soba noodle

Fukui is famous for good Soba noodles. 

It is called Echizen soba. 

I love it!

Deep izakaya

We went to an izakaya in the night. 

I think it is a traditional izakaya in Japan!

And a sashimi fountain!

How happy we were!


Fukui University

I first visited Fukui University. 

From the top of the building, the landscapes were very beautiful. 

Hand made snack

My wife cooked a hand made snack for Lily. 

She likes it very much!

Got tired

After the walk in the park, Lily got tired very much. 

And soon fell asleep. 

Mulled wine in Kinuta park

On the weekend we went to Kinuta park. 

We carried the mulled wine and foods. 

Lily also had her snacks. 

After the lunch we enjoyed a walk. 


Mulled wine

Our friend gave us a Nordic cookie. 

That cookie goes well with mulled wine. 

We call the mulled wine hot wine in Japan. 


Best wife best husband

I bought a souvenir for ourselves. 

Prizes for best wife and best husband!

Red eye

Finally I finished all my business. 

On my way to Japan, I drunk a beer with tomato juice. 

I didn't know but It is called "red eye". 
It's very good. 

Goodbye US, it was a good business. 

Sheraton Hartford

Then I went to Western Massachusetts to see a film director. 

I flew to Hartford Airport, or another name, Bradley International Airport. 

There is Sheraton hotel and it is very convenient because you can "walk" from the airport. 



I selected Mexican restaurant for last night in CA. 

Los Nachitos con pollo, tacos, and...of course, tequila!

Corrido highlands tequila was very good. 

And it's happy hour!!

American days

I love this kind of scene. 

Rather than this. 

Anyway, I enjoyed In-N-Out Burger and American days. 

Poor foods

Flight to US was good. 

But I was busy to prepare for the business and didn't have enough time even to eat. 

Lunch box in Japan and a dinner in US. 

And next morning.