Lily's walking

Lily doesn't like walking but she sometimes take a walk. 

Lily, are you walking or just bathing in the sunshine. 

After the walk, Lily takes a good sleep. 


Walkers cookies

Miyuki bought the walkers cookies for Christmas. 

But we have forgotten to eat them until today. 

I love this cookies!

Merry Christmas!


Present from Paris

Another my friend bought a souvenir for us from Paris. 
What's this?
The Eiffel Tower?
Oh, it's a pasta!


Present from Kanazawa

Our friend Masami gave us a wonderful present from Kanazawa. 

It is a sake tasting set. 
Thank you, Masami!


Stove pot

I gifted a stove pot to my friend. 

He is very good at cooking. 

And also he is particular about cooking tools. 


LED illumination in Nakameguro

Two weeks ago I had a party at Nakameguro. 

On the way to the restaurant, I saw a deep blue LED. 

I didn't know but it was one of the most popular LED illumination this year. 


Walk in the leaves

We had a walk with Lily. 

It was cold and the road was covered with leaves. 

She almost didn't walk!


Mt. Fuji from highway

Mt. Fuji from Tomei highway. 
The sky is clear in winter. 


Year end party at Roppongi

I had an year end party at Tokyo midtown in Roppongi with friends in high school era. 

First we went to see an LED light up in the garden. 

Then we went to the Italian restaurant KNOCK  CUCINA  BUONA  ITALIANA. 

This restaurant was opened just a month ago. 

We enjoyed foods, drinks and, of course, a lot of talking. 

What a nice party!


Sunset in Yokohama bay

I had an outside work in Yokohama yesterday. 

After the work I saw a sunset during buildings. 


Yellow leaves

Yellow leaves in Kinuta park. 

Good to walk. 


Falling leaves

A bicycle was covered with full of leaves. 


Turning color

The color of leaves are turning red and yellow. 
A symbol of being deep in fall. 


Hand made cushion covers

All these cushion covers are Miyuki's hand made. 
Lily loves them. 


Warm sunny spot

Lily loves warm sunny spot. 
Her lovely time, her lovely place. 


Beer in a daytime

I had a work outside the office yesterday. 
The meeting ended up early and we went to an izakaya. 

It was good as they served happy hour!


Happy birthday mom

Last weekend we celebrated mom's birthday at Yokohama hakkeijima sea paradise. 
The restaurant faces seaside having a good scenery from inside. 
Happy birthday, mom. 


Fine day

A good scenery from Futakotamagawa station platform. 



My friend played kyogen, a Japanese traditional comical noh play. 

There is a big nohgakudo, a noh play theatre, in the middle of Shinuya at cerulean tower. Actually I didn't know at all. 
The kyogen plays were very interesting. 


Autumn festivals

We found two festivals last weekend. 

It is already autumn, so they must be autumn festivals rather than summer festival. :-)

One was held in Yokohama bayside marina. 

The other was found in Todoroki Setagaya. 


Pet UN-friendly Gotemba outlet mall

We went to Gotemba outlet mall before back to Tokyo. 

This shopping mall is very much NOT dog friendly and almost no shop allow pets. 

We have to wait outside the shops. 
We won't visit this mall again...!

Dog park in a hotel restaurant

We had a lunch at a hotel caro foresta motohakone Lucia where allows pets. 

In the hotel there is a dog park. 

Lily runs. 

And I run. 


Hakone aquarium

It was heavy rain and we went to Hakone aquarium where is inside and also allow pets. 

There is a very friendly dolphin and it comes around us to see. 
There also some beautiful creatures...