Happy valentine for Lily

On Feb. 14th, Lily got a Valentine present from a friend. (Lily is girl, though...) 

Anyhow, I love cookies!

I can't wait!


Worked in early morning

Last week I worked from very early in the morning. 

I got up at 3 am, left home 4am, and took the first train. 

So sleepy and cold!


Red eye again

Miyuki found a Red eye beer at a store and bought it for me. 

When I first know the red-eye drink in a plane last year, I liked it very much. 


Covered with snow

On the next day Tokyo was coved with snow. 

And there were lots of snowmen. 


Heavy snow in Tokyo

It was heavy snow in Tokyo after 45 years!

Children were enjoying making snowman. 

And Lily was idling in a warm bed. 


First snow in Tokyo

It was first snow in Tokyo this year.