Adorable Lily

My wife took and designed these pictures. 

How adorable!


Fast cherry blossom in Atami

This was a cherry blossom at Atami in the beginning of March. 

Weather reporters said it will begin to bloom in Tokyo soon, but I was only a part. 


Spring flowers

It is getting warm. 

There are many rape blossoms is a park. 

I feel spring is coming. 

I didn't see any cherry blossom yet, though. 



Gundam was a famous animation character for more than 30 yeas ago. 

A giant statue was appeared at Odaiba Tokyo. 

It was the same size in the story. 



By chance I visited two towers within a week. 

One was Tokyo tower, world's famous beautiful tower built in 1958. 

The other was Tokyo skytree, a new tower built in 2012. 


Lily's happy birthday

Happy birthday Lily!

You are 11 years old. 


KMD forum

I visited Keio University to see KMD, Keio Media Design forum. 

My main purpose was to hear the special session about Augmented Sports symposium by professor Inami. 

Many other interesting researches were presented. 

The building was new and so wonderful. 
And I found Tally's coffee!
My favorite!