Steakhouse in Japan!


Smiling Lily

Lily is smiling for you!
Photo & design by Miyuki


Summer has come

The giant typhoon neogri has gone and the hot summer has come to Tokyo. 


Memory of Vail:at LAX airport

At the LAX airport, I found so big wall display. 

The hight was probably over 10 meters. 
And a picture of falling water was displayed on the wall. 

It looks like a real fall. 
The display was consist of many many  LEDs. 


Memory of Vail:at Narita airport

I flew from Narita to Denver via Los Angels. 

At the Narita airport, there is a shopping area. 
(but I usually use a free wifi room near there :-) )

At the shopping area, I found a very Japanese-style rest area. (A tea stall)
Unfortunately it was not a real one but an imitation. 

Time to fly. 

Good sunset.