Christmas present

My Christmas present!

I will do more sports next year!


Traveli to Utsunomiya on business

Visiting Utsunomiya on business. 

Tohoku Shinkansen is comfor and beautiful. 


Alligator friend

I'm It is hot in summer. 
Lily needs air conditioning all day long. 

She loves sitting on a sofa with her friend alligator. 


Tanabata festival in Hiratsuka

We visited Hiratsuka to see a tanabata festival. 

Tanabata is an event that people set bamboo with decorations and cards with their wishes. 

Many people were coming there. 


Lily was surprising. 


Gas range renewal

A gas range was renewed. We had used the old one for more than 15 years.  

A young man came to set the new range. 

Lily watched how he did. 

The new one is clean and beautiful!


Dinner under the sky

We went for a walk to Soshigaya shopping street. 

On our way to home, we dropped in a restaurant under the sky. 

It's pet friendly and good. 

We enjoyed our slow time. 



Ever worst restaurant in Futakotamagawa

For dinner we went to Allo cafe bistro boulangerie in Futakotamagawa. 

But they had been kept us waiting for two hours until they serve. 

We won't go there again :-(

The Tamagawa riverside

This is the Tamagawa river. 

It is beside on the Futakotamagawa koen park. 


Soba noodle under the sky

As I usually say, I love soba noodle. 

It was more than one month ago when we went to a soba restaurant. 

This restaurant is open under the sky and  they allow dogs with us. 

It was a calm Sunday afternoon. 

Those photos remind me a good memory. 

Carp in a park

In Japan, May 5th is a day for children. 
Around that day, we see may carps in the sky. 


Calm day 2 in GW

We went to Kinuta park yesterday. 

We enjoyed very relaxing golden week holidays. 


Calm day in GW

In the middle of 'Golden week' holidays, we went to Futakotamagawa koen park. 

It's a public park but new and good. 


Hot spa for dog

It'sIt was two months ago. 
Just before my hell started. 

I went to Hakone with my family. 
The hotel Rinka allows dogs. 
There are hot spa not only for us but also for dogs!

It's so good!


Deadly hardworking

It has been absolutely deadly hardworking from this March 2015.  

I had been having a meeting in the early morning every day. And I have to prepare for the meeting every day. 

I got up at 5:30 am and leave home at 6:30, arrive at other office at 7:30, have the meeting from 8:00-9:00, back to home office at 9:30am, work until 9:00 PM, prepare the report for the next morning meeting until 11:00pm - sometimes until 0:30 am, then back to home, eat dinner, sleep, and get up at 5:30am. 

It finished last week but 
I felt bad in April and went to a doctor and checked MRI.

I lost weight 4kg in a month. 


Happy birthday Lily!

Yesterday was birthday of Lily. 

Unfortunately I'm in my business trip but my wife sent me a beautiful and wonderful picture. 

I love you all!


Best trip to Fukuoka

In this trip I met so many people. 
All are good and I enjoyed chatting and foods very much. 

Especially hosting from my best friends  was more than perfect. 

Thank you very much and see you again soon in Tokyo!

Lunch at Yoyokaku

For lunch we went to Yoyokaku(洋々閣) in Karatsu

It is absolutely traditional Japanese style ryokan. 
In the garden we can see some Japanese style objects. 
There is a hanging scroll in the room. 

Usually they serve only lodging but this time we reserved a lunch. 

It was very good. 

There also are gallery of Karatsu yaki (唐津焼) pottery. 

Drive to Karatsu

After the breakfast we drove to Karatsu. 

We first went through the Nijino-matsubara(虹の松原), a rainbow palm trees, which is famous for three biggest palm tree parks in Japan. 

Then we went to Karatsu shrine(唐津城). 

From top of the shrine, we can see so beautiful scenary of Karatsu bay. 

Walk Oohori-park in the morning

Next morning we went to Oohori-park for a walk with Monet. 

Oohori-park is popular place in Fukuoka and many joggers were running around the pond. 


Mizutaki dinner

For dinner we got together with her husband and went to dinner. 

Mizutaki, a boiled chicken and vegetables in a deep soup stock, is famous for traditional food in Fukuoka. 

We went to IROHA restaurant. 
Another friend joined there. 

The Mizutaki set dinner was extremely delicious. 

And, chatting with those best friends were much more than best!!

Sorry for no photo of the dinner. 
But, that's the proof we enjoyed very much!

Fun to drive

After the conference,
I met a friend and went for a drive. 

We first drove to Umino-naka-michi(海の中道). 
The road was narrow by the sea and fun to drive. 

Then we went to Aburayama. 

Unfortunately it was crowded, but when in the night the scenery will be good. 

Dinner at Chikae

I had a conference at an university. 

Last night, I went to a dinner with an ex-boss, who is now a professor. 

The restaurant was Chikae (稚加栄), which is famous for good sashimi. 

At last we went to a bar in the hotel till midnight. 

Going to Fukuoka

I have a trip to Fukuoka. 
To have a business and to meet friends. 

Fun to fly.