Mizutaki dinner

For dinner we got together with her husband and went to dinner. 

Mizutaki, a boiled chicken and vegetables in a deep soup stock, is famous for traditional food in Fukuoka. 

We went to IROHA restaurant. 
Another friend joined there. 

The Mizutaki set dinner was extremely delicious. 

And, chatting with those best friends were much more than best!!

Sorry for no photo of the dinner. 
But, that's the proof we enjoyed very much!

Fun to drive

After the conference,
I met a friend and went for a drive. 

We first drove to Umino-naka-michi(海の中道). 
The road was narrow by the sea and fun to drive. 

Then we went to Aburayama. 

Unfortunately it was crowded, but when in the night the scenery will be good. 

Dinner at Chikae

I had a conference at an university. 

Last night, I went to a dinner with an ex-boss, who is now a professor. 

The restaurant was Chikae (稚加栄), which is famous for good sashimi. 

At last we went to a bar in the hotel till midnight. 

Going to Fukuoka

I have a trip to Fukuoka. 
To have a business and to meet friends. 

Fun to fly. 


Art gallery

A neighbor invited me to an art gallery at Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, where her father held a private show. 

I don't remember but it might be my first time, or at least after more than 40 years, to visit Mitsukoshi main store. 

It's so gorgeous. 

And even there was an elevator girl!
How long I don't sea a person-manipulated elevator!



My friend gave us a present for Lily. 

Oh, it's Hawaiian!!
He bought it during his business trip. 

He is usually so manly and... I can't imagine when he looked for it in the pet shop!

Thank you very much.

Handmade pizza

Miyuki cooked her first handmade pizza. 

She also cooked a roasted pork. 

She is very good at cooking, isn't she!


Soba noodle restaurant

As I said several time, I love soba noodle. 
Today we visited a soba noodle restaurant in Komae city. 

It is Shimizuya and famous for former U.S. President Jimmy Carter visited. 

The soba is made by hand. 
But... Unfortunately the taste was not so good. 

Though it looked very good. 


Calm day

One of my most favorite time is to live with papa and mom in this calm and warm sunny day. 
I'm so happy...


Late coming Santa Claus!

After eating the udon, the return trafic was very crowded. Then we decided to drop off to an outlet mall in Minami-machida. 

It is Miami-machida grandberry mall. 
It is dog friendly and we often visit here.

And it was also good because the shops were in the bargain!

We got a very disconnted bag and ID holder at COACH, our favorite store. 

Thank you, late coming Santa Claus!


Shirasasa udon noodle

We went to an udon noodle shop in Hadano Kanagawa. 
In the shop, a man is hand making the udon noodle. 
This is Miso udon with meat. 
The noodle was thick and strong. 
Oden was 150 yen each. 
The shop name is Shirasasa Udon. 
Near at Shirasasa inari shrine. 


Toothbrushing Lily

I'm Lily. Every night I brush my teeth. 
But Actually I don't like it. 

Because papa and mama draw my cheeks!


Mt. Fuji on Friday

Relatively clearer than usual as new year. 


Happy new year sake

New year is good to drink sake. 
Last year I got many good sake from friends in Kanazawa. 


Pray at shrine

In new year days, most Japanese go to shrine and pray for family's health and happiness. 

Walking in a cold morning

Good morning Lily, let's go for a walk!

It's a sunny day. 
Good for a walk. 

It is cold though...


Yummy new year

I love new year because I can eat a lot of delicious foods. 

But before I eat, I have to wait a moment.

Yes, I finally got them.