Best trip to Fukuoka

In this trip I met so many people. 
All are good and I enjoyed chatting and foods very much. 

Especially hosting from my best friends  was more than perfect. 

Thank you very much and see you again soon in Tokyo!

Lunch at Yoyokaku

For lunch we went to Yoyokaku(洋々閣) in Karatsu

It is absolutely traditional Japanese style ryokan. 
In the garden we can see some Japanese style objects. 
There is a hanging scroll in the room. 

Usually they serve only lodging but this time we reserved a lunch. 

It was very good. 

There also are gallery of Karatsu yaki (唐津焼) pottery. 

Drive to Karatsu

After the breakfast we drove to Karatsu. 

We first went through the Nijino-matsubara(虹の松原), a rainbow palm trees, which is famous for three biggest palm tree parks in Japan. 

Then we went to Karatsu shrine(唐津城). 

From top of the shrine, we can see so beautiful scenary of Karatsu bay. 

Walk Oohori-park in the morning

Next morning we went to Oohori-park for a walk with Monet. 

Oohori-park is popular place in Fukuoka and many joggers were running around the pond.