Good sake

It is a good chance to drink a good sake during the new year.
This year My friend gifted us a good sake.
It is called "Sogen" and is a limited nouveau.

Mmm, I'm so happy!


  1. Kampai!! I always love to drink good sake during the cold winters in Japan. You must be a nice and popular man to receive such a good bottle!

    Next month my wife and I will visit the Sapporo Snow Festival 2017. I look forward to drink sake and eat the street barbecue food the! Yum yum yummy!

  2. Hi TM,
    Great! Sapporo Snow Festival is very famous and so popular that sometimes it is hard to get a hotel ticket in this season(even we Japanese!).
    And, of course, you must know it's soooo cold!
    Enjoy "The Winter"!

    Won't you drop off in Tokyo also?

    1. Hello Hiroshi-San - Next tuesday we will fly direct from KL to Sapporo which takes 7 hours. Next time, I will visit Tokyo again and enjoy your sake. Please come to visit Malaysia too.
      I believe you and I really had a hard time to find good value hotels in Sapporo for this trip but learnt a good lesson here. Now I managed to split the week's stay in Sapporo, Muroran and Chitose. That will be fun. Banzai!

    2. Hi TM-san,
      How nice of you to be Sapporo. Welcome Japan!
      Muroran and Chitose are also good place to see. Enjoy!

    3. Thank you for your suggestions. We also visited Otaru, Muroran and Chitose after seeing the snow festival in Sapporo.