Happy new year

Happy new year!

Every year it is clear and fine sunny day on January 1st (Shogatsu). 

What is good in Shogatsu is tasting good sake from morning! :-p
This is Kikuhime from Ishikawa prefecture, which my wife's friend sent for us.  


  1. Happy New Year to you Hiroshi-San and family. Your pet dog looks happy and pretty. A sunny day in New Year is always a bright start for the good year ahead.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and that was indeed a surprise. I try to visit Japan every year as my wife enjoy your lovely and clean country very much. Last month, we were in Tokyo and will visit Hiroshima & again Kyoto next month in February. Hope to see some snow falling on our heads.

    I have been a regular visitor to the newly opened 24 hours gym near my home. Recently I saw the boxing bag and realized it would give me lots of health benefits by punching and kicking them with my fists, legs, buttock and even stomach. It really strengthens all my bones, joints and eliminates the wind and arthritis besides help our growth of the bones. In reality, I do enjoy watching the fights over TV - Sumo, Judo, wrestling and kick boxing. Ha ha I sound so violent..!

    I love to drink warm sake too! Cheers!

  2. Hi, thanks for the long comment.
    Please visit us next time you will be in Tokyo!

    Yes, I actually want to try boxing as a next step after boxercise.